Thursday, October 1, 2020

Eric Bischoff Talks About Recent WWE Tenure, AJ Styles In TNA

Former SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff has opened up about his recent time in WWE, and his thoughts on AJ Styles tenure in TNA.

Former SmackDown Executive Director and WCW President Eric Bischoff has opened up about his recent stint working for WWE. 

Speaking on his podcast, 83 Weeks, Bischoff revealed how he has “never signed a 1-year deal” in his life before adding how he “never would.” He admitted he doesn’t want to get involved in anything long-term unless it’s a project he knows he’ll enjoy. Bischoff noted how his interest in a long-term deal is driven by his desire to “really connect” and engage with the material. 

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“Same with WWE when I was under contract. When I was there as an employee last summer, I was an employee; I didn’t have a contract. There were no contracts, but when I was under contract, they were all 2 and 3-year agreements. I never signed a 1-year agreement ever.”

Eric Bischoff: AJ Styles’ Wasn’t A “Big Draw” Outside Of TNA

During the show, Eric Bischoff looked back on his time in TNA Wrestling and one of its stars: AJ Styles. He explained why he personally didn’t feel how AJ Styles was a draw in the company at the time. 

According to Bischoff, outside of TNA and its core audience, “not a lot of people knew AJ Styles.” He acknowledged Styles’ in-ring ability but stressed how he fell into a “younger developing category” compared to other roster members. 

“He had been in the business for 8 years. He wasn’t really a big draw outside of the TNA core audience because he hadn’t had the exposure, not because he wasn’t good enough.”

Bischoff expressed how this isn’t the case in WWE, pointing to Styles’ success within the promotion. However, he stressed that back in TNA, not many people knew who he was “outside of the bubble.”

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