Eric Young Reacts To Being Moved To RAW

Eric Young is now officially a member of Monday Night RAW. But how does the former leader of SaNITy feel about that?

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The Superstar Shake-Up has seemingly brought about the end of WWE’s oft-overlooked and forgotten SaNITy stable. Its members were separated across both RAW and SmackDown, with the group’s former leader, Eric Young, ending up as one of the newest members of the red brand.

Posting on his Instagram account, Eric Young addressed his move to Monday Night RAW, claiming he has “never been one of the chosen,” before promising that this move will allow him the opportunity to show the WWE Universe what he’s capable of.

“I have never been one of the chosen! My path has never been easy! History will show you I ALWAYS END UP ON TOP! I have done it all and will DO WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT! Time to show the world AGAIN! #worldclassmaniac”

Finding Sanity

Since the Shake-Up took place earlier this week, his fellow SaNITy members have also commented on the situation.

Both Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe took to their social media accounts to express their feelings on the matter.

Despite not being officially disbanded, the way that all three Superstars address the situation gives the unmistakable impression that SaNITy is done.

During their time on NXT, the group would not only win the NXT tag team championships but also be recognised as the NXT Tag Team of the year in 2017. The initial impact the group enjoyed during their tenure in NXT was never replicated during their main roster run.