Ernest “the Cat” Miller Claims Hulk Hogan Wanted Him to Win World Championship

Hulk Hogan’s name has been mentioned quite a bit in wrestling circles as of late. The former WWE Champion attended the premiere of the HBO documentary on Andre the Giant and there have been confirmed talks between Hogan and WWE for the first time since leaked audio conversations led to his excommunication from the company.

In recent weeks, soon-to-be Hall of Famer, Mark Henry, appeared on the Busted Open radio program to say he doesn’t feel Hogan has done enough just yet to earn a second chance.

Today, former wrestler and World Karate Champion, Ernest Miller, is stating Hogan attempted to help him receive a major push in WCW.

Ernest Miller on Hulk Hogan

Miller appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show recently and spoke about how Hogan once pitched an idea of him dropping the WCW World Title to Miller.

“You know what, Hogan wanted to lose the title to me one time to get me involved with the nWo. But then, if you noticed, we had so much little to nothing going on outside of the nWo.”

Miller talked further in regards to his relationship with Hogan.

“[I] may have been different from a lot of people. [Hulk Hogan] and I had a bond, he was really a good guy and easy to talk to,” Miller said. “I would run things past him, and he’ll give me some of his respects about the situation… Hulk Hogan was just another wrestler, tell me what to do and he was professional at it. Give me some advice, and I’ll take it and move on. I had a great experience with Hulk Hogan.”