Ethan Page Signs 2-Year Deal With Impact Wrestling

Ethan Page
"All Ego" Ethan Page

“All Ego” Ethan Page has signed a new 2-year deal with Impact Wrestling, according to Greg Oliver of SLAM! Wrestling.

Page has wrestled or Impact since late 2017, when he debuted as Chandler Park, the storyline cousin of Joseph Park (Abyss). He was off television for most of 2018 due to not having a work visa. He returned back in October as Ethan Page.

“A big part of it was being able to continue to work in America legally, because of the work visa situation,” Page told SLAM! Wrestling.

Page was previously one of the top stars in EVOLVE. Working in EVOLVE helped him develop as a performer, but he feels that he outgrew them in some respects and now prefers working for Impact.

“If we’re talking about where I’ve enjoyed working more, I’ve enjoyed working more at Impact, especially with the roster of guys that they have,” he explained. “I think too, with EVOLVE, not to just toot my own horn, but I feel as if though I reached the top percentile for talent on the roster and I prefer to be on the bottom, because it gives me a place to actually grow, and people to learn from. If I have no, I guess, someone to aspire to be working with, or in a program with, or learning from, then I want to go somewhere else.”

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