Eva Marie Talks About Her Battle With Alcoholism

Former WWE performer Eva Marie has written an essay for In Style magazine about being an alcoholic and how coming to terms with the disease saved her life.

Eva wrote, “I’m an alcoholic. I have relapsed, destroyed relationships, hurt my family, and disappointed myself numerous times. I will be an alcoholic for the rest of my life. The fact that I have been sober for almost five years doesn’t mean that I am “cured,” it doesn’t mean that I had a drinking phase in my 20s, and it doesn’t mean that I can have a few drinks now and again or just drink in moderation. There are no shades of gray when it comes to alcoholism—it’s black and white.”

Eva has been sober for 5 years and credits the Alcohol Anonymous 12-step program with helping her rebound from rock bottom, which involved multiple DUI’s and several months in jail. She now attends 6am AA meetings, works with a sponsor and seeks out new members to sponsor.

Today, she is married, runs multiple successful businesses and a career in the entertainment industry. However, she realizes, “this fairytale life is always one drink away from shattering.”

Visit InStyle.com to read her inspiring story.

It was difficult to open up publicly about my Alcoholism and recovery, but I’m very happy I did. CLICK LINK IN BIO to read the entire article.👆🏼 – One thing I’ve realized over the years is that alcoholism affects an incredible amount of people, yet there is still a sense of embarrassment or shame when an alcoholic or family member of an alcoholic wants to talk about their disease. I used to be incredibly embarrassed, so much so that I avoided getting help because I felt like only “weak” people can’t handle something on their own and I was embarrassed that people would judge me and look at me negatively. I am so happy I no longer feel this way, and I want to encourage anyone who is struggling with addiction to take that first step of asking for help, it will literally save your life. – To those starting a program, stick with it, your life won't magically transform over night, there will be extreme highs and extreme lows, the chances are you will relapse at least once, but Don't quit, keep pushing forward no matter how hard it gets. I PROMISE you it's worth it in the end. #WeGotThisOneDayAtATime 👊🏼💪🏼#GODISTHEGREATEST

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