Exclusive Backstage News On Vince McMahon’s Meltdown At RAW & Who Almost Lost Their Job

The big talk backstage at Tuesday night’s WWE Smackdown tapings is what some of the wrestlers who were at RAW are describing to us as a “total shoot” in which Vince McMahon stormed out of the arena at the conclusion of RAW because of the piledriver spot John Cena and CM Punk did in their match last night.

It is being said that at one point, Arn Anderson (who was the producer of the match) was concerned about losing his job. John Cena apparently smoothed things over with Vince, who was already in his limo leaving by the time Cena came back into the Gorilla position after the match.

While the piledriver aired on WWE’s own YouTube channel, it is not known how many were aware of Vince’s anger over the spot, which we have been told is being described as something that got “lost in the translation.”

Here’s footage of the piledriver CM Punk delivered to John Cena: