EXCLUSIVE: TNA Owes Yet Another Debt, This Time To Merchandise Designer/Importer

Just when you thought there might be some stability to TNA-related stories for the time being, we’ve discovered yet another lawsuit filed against the company over an unpaid debt. While this one, which dates back to June, was filed in the same court as Billy Corgan’s lawsuit, quirks in the court’s online search system made it difficult to find. In this case, TNA has been sued by the company that handles the design, import, and export of their merchandise for ShopTNA.

The plaintiff/creditor, Fraley International, says on its website that it “provides expert resourcing and trading solutions for all of your importing/exporting needs.” In the complaint, it’s explained that “TNA has contracted at various times with Fraley for Fraley to design and order various merchandise for TNA, including, but not limited to, t-shirts, cups, and sunglasses.” They design, source, and order the merchandise, having it shipped directly to TNA from foreign suppliers, fronting all costs and not being reimbursed at all until TNA pays them after receiving the order.

This arrangement went south starting in September 2015, when TNA stopped paying Fraley. This went on for 23 different orders until the relationship completely fell apart after TNA never paid for a December 22nd, 2015 order. Farley insists that “TNA accepted the merchandise without objection or complaint” plus “the merchandise was in good working order and was consistent with TNA’s order.”

According to the complaint, these are the order dates and how much TNA owes from each:



All told, TNA owes a total of $43,348.70. Nothing has been filed in the case since July 19th, when TNA’s attorneys filed their notices of appearance. That’s the procedure for when a lawyer puts him/herself on down as an attorney of record on a given case, and there’s been no official movement since TNA’s lawyers filed their respective notices.