Exclusive: Who Funded TNA’s Latest Tapings, Dixie Owes Corgan Money

In the new lawsuit filed by Audience of One Productions against TNA, there’s a note about how the debt that TNA (technically the Impact Ventures parent company) owes Aroluxe Media is on file with the Tennessee Secretary of State. If you look up Impact Ventures in the relevant database, you get three debts registered by the company:

It’s been difficult to find any information on MCC Acquisition Corp, but everything else at their address (171 East Liberty Street, Suite 230 in Toronto) is related to Anthem/The Fight Network in some form. There are a couple companies involved that “MCC” could stand for, though it could just be a new shell created for this transaction.  Why the latest round of funding wouldn’t have gone through Anthem again is unclear, and if it was for secrecy, they didn’t do the best job of covering their tracks.

However, this gets a LOT more interesting.

When you search for Dixie Carter (who is legally Dixie Carter Salinas, her married name), you get this, which was filed Tuesday morning (October 11th):

Record of Dixie Carter owing Billy Corgan money.

Yes, as of Tuesday, Dixie Carter officially owes Billy Corgan money personally.

The address given for Corgan appears to be that of the offices of Smashing Pumpkins Machine, his company. A day later, on Wednesday, as reported earlier today (Thursday), Corgan sued Impact Ventures, TNA Entertainment, TNA COO and CFO Dean Broadhead, Dixie Carter Salinas, and her husband Serg Salinas. Being that everything filed so far in the lawsuit is sealed from public view, we can’t be 100% sure what this is about yet, but the two issues sure look like they’re related.

I have reached out to Dixie Carter’s known email addresses as well as TNA proper for comment, and will update this article if she replies.

Kris Zellner also contributed to this report.