Finish For Lars Sullivan Match Changed By Vince McMahon

Instead of asserting heel dominance, Lars Sullivan won his match against the Lucha House Party via DQ. Turns out that this wasn't always the planned finish.

Lars Sullivan WWE
Lars Sullivan WWE

Despite being primed for a significant heel push, Lars Sullivan picked up a confusing win during WWE’s recent Super ShowDown event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Instead of having Sullivan play the monster heel, demonstrating power and strength by demolishing the Lucha House Party, their match instead ended in a disqualification after the three luchas attacked Lars.

Turns out that the original finish for the matchup was changed, with Vince McMahon instead opting for the three-person beat down, DQ ending instead.

“There’s No Logic Here”

Dave Meltzer, of Wrestling Observer Radio, commented on the situation, saying “[…] the finish got changed, and the original thing that would have theoretically made sense was in fact what they were going to do. Why that changed, I have no idea. I’ve heard that they may be running the match in San Jose [on Monday Night RAW].”

So the logical ending was originally on the table before being unceremoniously switched to what transpired. The lack of logic isn’t lost on many, including WWE staff members.

When Meltzer asked a source about the reasoning behind the decision, he was told “There’s no logic here. There’s no explanation of anything. Why did Shane McMahon win [instead of Roman Reigns]? It’s not like there’s a reason, it’s just weird.”

It’s worth noting that once the match had ended, “The Freak” proceeded to destroy the Lucha House Party in a post-match assault. But it begs the question: why not just have him deliver the same during the matchup itself?