Finn Balor Kills Rumours About Demon King

When Finn Balor started his feud with Bray Wyatt many people believed it was the perfect opportunity to bring back the ‘Demon King’ on WWE Television.

Since SummerSlam is the stage where the Demon was last seen, it was rumoured that WWE may bring the Alter Ego of the first Universal Champion for the Biggest Event Of The Summer.

However, it appears fans will have to wait some more time before they can witness the return of Demon Balor on WWE Programming and it’s not going to happen at the upcoming PPV.

During a recent interview with IGN, Finn Balor was asked if the Demon can become awoken next Sunday. Replying to it Balor said that he is capable of handling Bray on his own:

“You know the Demon only comes out in certain special situations and I don’t think my match at SummerSlam against Bray Wyatt calls for it necessarily. I think I’m perfectly capable of handling that on my own, as Finn Bálor.”

It’s not very likely that WWE will not inform Balor about Demon’s appearance before the show. In fact, they would rather promote it in advance to make it a selling point for the PPV.

So while you can never say never in WWE, considering the comments of Balor and the fact that there has been no mention of him on WWE Programming despite SummerSlam being only 10 days away the chances of the Demon Balor appearing at SummerSlam are pretty stiff.