Finn Balor Suggests He’s Forgetting How To Portray His Demon King Persona

Demon Finn Balor
Demon Finn Balor

One of the things that has made Finn Balor so popular in WWE is his portrayal of two characters. The first being his normal Finn Balor character, and the other being his “Demon King” alter ego. However, it’s not a coincidence that, around the time Balor stopped utilizing the Demon King regularly, his stock in the company has taken a bit of a hit.

Balor isn’t as prominently featured on RAW as much as he used to be, and the former Universal Champion rarely uses the Demon King persona anymore. The last time WWE fans saw The Demon King was at SummerSlam this past August against Baron Corbin. Prior to that, he hadn’t used the gimmick since the 2017 TLC pay-per-view (PPV) in which he faced AJ Styles on short-notice.

Speaking to Sam Roberts on the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast recently, Balor said he struggles when bringing the character back due to him not portraying it very often:

“I do it so infrequently now that I forget how I move as the Demon,” said Balor. “I forget the subtle differences in the entrance and the mannerisms of how the Demon works. Now, when I go out there, I’m Finn Balor, but that’s just Fergal.

“It’s just me, the human. But when the Demon goes out there, I need to transform into a different person. That mindset, because I’m not tapping into it so often, that’s a huge challenge for me. I gotta figure out how to do that every time, again.

“I’m very comfortable being Finn, but when it comes to the Demon, I have to rere-educate myself. That’s an added challenge because of how infrequent we are doing it.”

What do you make of Balor’s comments suggesting he’s forgetting how to portray The Demon King?

H/T to FightFul for the transcript