Flashback: Roman Reigns Says He Wants To Turn Heel & Feud With Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns told ESPN last year he'd love to feud with Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan Roman Reigns
Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

Last summer, Roman Reigns stated to ESPN that he wants to turn heel, move to Smackdown, and feud with Daniel Bryan. As a result of the Superstar Shakeup last night, Reigns is now on Smackdown and could potentially feud with Daniel Bryan in the future.

When Reigns made the statements, Bryan was a babyface at the time.

“Y’all wanna see me turn heel? Put me in the ring with (Daniel Bryan),” Reigns said. “We can talk about so many different things, about wrestling and the different things that make up the art form and the performance, but when it comes down to it, it’s about making people make a lot of noise.”

“Obviously with the reactions and the way I stir up the crowd, I think it would make up for a pretty dynamic and electric atmosphere,” Reigns continued. “Bryan is one of the best ever to mix it up in the ring, I have a lot of respect for him. To see someone like him on top and have it all taken away so fast, it’s very scary.”

The full interview can be read here.

Roman Reigns Moves To Smackdown

Since returning to WWE following his 2nd battle with Leukemia, Reigns has said he hopes to show the WWE Universe more of Joe Anoa’i.

“I just feel like with me integrating the characters and who I am in real life and who I am on stage, for me to kind of mix them, it allows me to laugh at Roman a little bit and have a little more fun and be a little more loose as opposed to the stoic brawler,” Reigns said to SI.com earlier this year.

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