Flip Gordon Discusses ROH’s Locker Room Optimism, ROH/NWA Relationship Ending

Flip Gordon has opened up about opportunities in ROH as well as the ending of ROH/NWA's business relationship.

Flip Gordon

Ring Of Honor (ROH) wrestler and “The Mercenary” of Villain Enterprises, Flip Gordon, has opened up about ROH’s roster changes and the promotion’s working relationship with NWA coming to an end.

Speaking with the WINCLY podcast, Gordon commented that, though things have changed in ROH’s locker room, they haven’t changed in a bad way.

He explained that, with top stars including The Elite having left, “Everybody’s motivated and excited because a bunch of top spots just opened up and are for grabs. Everybody is competing for them. It’s friendly competition, but everybody wants that top spot, me included. So it’s a really good atmosphere because everybody’s busting their ass right now.”

Flip isn’t the first ROH wrestler to comment on ROH’s locker room flux in recent months, with both Dalton Castle and Jeff Cobb expressing similar sentiments.


Turning to ROH’s relationship with NWA, Gordon admitted that he was initially surprised the two ended their partnership.

“I was a bit surprised, but with wrestling being so popular now, I’m not surprised. Business is thriving right now, so if the NWA wants to go out on their own, I wish them the best of luck. Sometimes you gotta go out on your own, and I think ROH wants to do their own thing anyway, so I’m excited.”

Despite recently turning heel and aligning with Marty Scurll’s Villain Enterprises, Flip Gordon has yet to fully recover from injury, though it is expected he will be returning to in-ring action sooner rather than later.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.