Footage Of Joey Janela & Enzo Scuffle At Blink-182 Concert (Video)

Joey Janela and Enzo Amore were involved in an altercation at a Blink-182 concert.

Enzo Amore Joey Janela
Enzo Amore and Joey Janela

As previously reported, there was an altercation between Enzo Amore and Joey Janela at a Blink-182 concert last night in New Jersey. Footage of the scuffle has since been posted online.

According to Tweets from both Janela and Enzo, Janela introduced himself to Enzo at the show and a scuffle broke out between the two.

The two never really engage during the video.

Joey Janela and Enzo Conflict In April

Shortly after Cass and Enzo invaded the G1 Supercard in MSG this April, Janela Tweeted at Enzo.

“Just saying this, straight up if @real1 wants some buzz, he can come shoot with me next year at @GCWrestling_ Bloodsport I’ll do 4-6 months of whatever MMA Training Barnett Recommends so I don’t make a fool out of his art, the way NZO makes a joke out of the wrestling business…” Janela Tweeted.

Enzo then said he’d pay for Janela’s MMA training and Janela responded that he wouldn’t want Enzo to blow the last of his money.

Joey Janela & Enzo Amore Altercation At Blink-182 Concert

Janela then said he walked up to Enzo at the Blink-182/L’il Wayne concert last night.