For Anyone Who Cares: WWE Releases 10 Most Viewed GIFs Of 2017

Yup… WWE’s really going for it this year with the whole “Top Whatevers Of 2017”.  This time it’s with GIFs.  To be fair, WWE did launch their own library of GIFs at, so it is understandable that they want to highlight and promote its existence.

Anyway… for those interested, here is WWE’s top 10 GIFs of 2017 (REALLY!?)

10: Triple H’s nod of approval regarding this list.

9: Lita just can’t believe she came 9th.

8: John Cena is both shocked and excited.

7: And is even more shocked to be featured twice!

6: Brock Lesnar thinks it’s all a joke (it is).

5: And the Angry Miz Girl is right to be furious.

4: The Rock doesn’t have time for this.

3: But Randy Orton seems overwhelmed at making top 3.

2: The Ultimate Warrior is… well… The Ultimate Warrior…

1: And of course Daniel Bryan saying “YES!” would be at the top.

If you made it this far… well done!  You’ll notice that this was written with a healthy dose of sarcasm, so to make this a little bit more worthwhile, if/when you leave a comment… use only GIFs!!

If you don’t use a GIF… that’s ok… not much will happen.  But come on, where’s the fun in that!?

Oh, and no, it doesn’t have to be from WWE’s channel…

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