Former WCW Publicist Turning Montreal Screwjob Into A Shakespearean Play

Montreal Screwjob play

One of the most controversial moments in pro-wrestling history forms the basis of a recently written new play. A former publicist for World Championship Wrestling, Barry Norman, is turning the Montreal Screwjob into a 1-hour Shakespearean-styled theatre production.

Norman, who owns a movie theatre in Maine and has founded his own film festival, spoke to Mike Mooneyham about the project.

“(The script) is about 60 pages (which translates into an hour), but the final scene is the wrestling match, which should run between 10-15 minutes and it isn’t written out (except for the finish) because, as in any match, it will be improvised depending on crowd reaction at the time,” Norman said regarding the play.

Norman also described the play as “mostly drama although there are, I hope, a few moments/soliloquies of comedic value.”

Characters Slightly Altered

Characters in the play are based on the real-life players involved in the Montreal Screwjob. Their names are changed in the play, however.

The McMahon family is renamed McNugget, with family members Vic, Sophia, Shame (Shane?), and a court jester character named “Dunk the Fool.”

“As it is based on the actual Montreal Screwjob, you know how the two camps feel, but it paints a more Shakespearean picture of who is actually right – the promoter who made Hombre (Bret Hart’s character) and now wants him to do something in the interest of the promotion, or Hombre, who while grateful, feels that his years of hard work can’t allow his character to lose in the manner suggested. Both seek out counsel as to what to do, and these take place in a series of monologues and soliloquies, leading up to the actual match.”

Sid Involved

Norman also mentioned in his interview with Mooneyham, that his friendship with Sid Eudy also played a role in his deciding to work on the project.

“Sid Eudy is one of my best friends and we talk every day. I had been writing an angle for him as he would love one last run due to how he had to leave because of his injury. I think it’s an incredible angle. I also watched Viceland’s ‘The Dark Side’ series which included a segment on the Montreal Screwjob. All of those things just percolated in my head and somehow Shakespeare came out.”