Former WoS Women’s Champion Viper Joins NXT UK

Former WoS/World of Sport Women’s Champion Viper/Piper Niven has officially joined the NXT UK roster. The powerhouse performer appeared following a Rhea Ripley vs Xia Brookside bout. Ripley proclaimed that she was the most dominant women in NXT UK, Niven’s music then hit and the Scottish Superstar appeared.

Ripley quickly escaped from the ring as Niven entered. Piper looked at Ripley and said “The most dominant woman in NXT UK? Not anymore!”

We had previously reported that there was interest from both WWE and AEW for Viper/Piper Niven. ICW Superstar Viper was allegedly offered deals by both AEW and WWE around the time that her WoS deal was expiring. Viper/Piper Niven does have some experience in a WWE ring, having performed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic. The Wrestling Observer confirmed that Viper was given a much “better offer” than Kay Lee Ray as there was apparently interest from All Elite Wrestling.

Whilst the future of WoS is still unclear this constant stream of stars leaving cannot be a good sign. Viper, Kay Lee Ray and Bea Priestley have all left for WWE/AEW respectively. These three Women were the biggest female stars on the WoS roster, there is a chance that new talent could be built around but as of writing we do not have any indicators regarding the promotion.