Former WWE Security Guard: Brock Lesnar Hated WWE

Former WWE Head of Security Jimmy Noonan was on Fox News recently and discussed his time with the company.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Head of Security┬áJimmy Noonan was on Fox News recently and discussed his time with the company. In particular, Noonan discussed Brock Lesnar’s attitude during his first run with the company in the early 2000s. According to Noonan, Lesnar really didn’t like being in WWE at the time.

“Brock was a very, very different type of guy,” Noonan said during the interview. “The business just wasn’t for Brock.”

“Let’s go back to the time I was with him in the early 2000s. He came up, I was there before him, he had a meteoric rise at WWE, he became the champ at a very young age, the youngest champ ever.”

“But the business just wasn’t who Brock was. Brock is a guy who wants to go shoot elk in his backyard and wants to ice fish. WWE wasn’t for him but he did very well at it but at the same time, he was miserable.”

“Brock was sometimes really miserable. There was one morning when we were at the airport and we were at the airport again at 5 o’clock getting another 5 AM flight to another city. I shadowed Brock because he was the champ.”

“We walk into the airport at the same time and he looks at me and goes ‘Noonan if one fan comes up to me and asks me for an autograph, I’m gonna punch you right in the face’ and that would be the beginning of my day.”

“He hated WWE so much at the time that he bought his own airplane to fly in on his own expense so he wouldn’t have to be with the boys in the airport and be with the fans.”