Former WWE Star Reflects On Why Finn Balor Lost Patience With Enzo Amore In NXT

Finn Balor

One former WWE NXT star has reflected on Finn Balor dealing with Enzo Amore.

That star is former NXT Tag Team Champion Simon Gotch, who is now known as Simon Grimm. He talked about a wide range of topics during a recent appearance on Robbie E’s Why It Ended podcast.

During this interview, he brought up how although Amore was fine with his promos and never got any heat as a result of them, it was a bit of a different story when it came to the rest of the superstars.

Gotch stated that Amore tried to give the former Universal Champion some advice about women.

“I noticed he would try to buddy up with people when he thought he could get something from them, and that didn’t sit well with people,” said Grimm. “When Fergal, Finn Balor, got there, [Enzo] immediately was just d–k riding him to high heaven. Right away. ‘Oh, bro. you wanna get chicks, you know what you gotta do? You gotta get an apartment downtown, bro. Cuz then you can walk to all the bars and walk right home.'”

Gotch would go onto say that Balor laughed at Amore because he was funny at first but then “lost his patience with him eventually.”

Gotch noted that Amore wanting to get close to Balor was due to the fact that he knew he would be a star in the sports entertainment company.

The former WWE star added that at the end of the day, Balor did not need Amore’s help due to the fact that he has “nine million abs” and could get any girl he wanted.

Balor most notably worked with Amore in NXT during the quarterfinals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic that saw Balor and Samoa Joe take on Amore and Big Cass.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcribed quotes.