Former WWE Superstar Calls Wellness Policy Is A Sham

Paul London says WWE does not give a damn about talent and urges fans not to buy into the company's propaganda

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Paul London is speaking out about WWE’s alleged mistreatment of talent.

London, a former WWE tag team champion, is the latest wrestler to comment on Sunday night’s highly controversial anti-WWE segment on HBO’s Last Word Tonight With John Oliver. (You can watch that entire segment here.)

John Oliver’s takedown of WWE covered a lot of ground, including wrestler deaths, questionable behavior by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the farcical classification of WWE talent as independent contractors.

Paul London posted a series of tweets Monday afternoon taking WWE to task for not giving a damn about their talent. He called WWE’s policy of sending current and former wrestlers to substance abuse rehabilitation “for free” a “total sham” and a PR scheme.

London also called WWE’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy (‘Wellness Policy’) a sham, accusing the company of using the drug policy of as a means of weeding out wrestlers who don’t “play the game.”

London did not elaborate further on his accusation that , but urged fans not to buy into WWE’s propaganda.

You can see Paul London’s comments below: