Former WWE Superstar Spotted In Jacksonville Ahead Of AEW Rally

(AEW Rally Photo: Twitter @JonAlba)

Former WWE Superstar Neville, who is now going by the name of PAC while competing on the independent scene in Japan and Europe, has been spotted in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is interesting due to the fact that the All Elite Wrestling rally is taking place in the city this afternoon at TIAA Bank Field at Parking Lot J near Gate 1. This the home of the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars, which is also owned by The Khan Family, who are backing AEW financially.

According to a report by, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is in the city and although his appearance at the press conference has yet to be confirmed, it’s likely.

For those who are wondering, despite the fact that WWE is airing tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live in Jacksonville, Florida, he’s not backstage at the show.

Thus, there is speculation that Neville could make an appearance at this All Elite Wrestling rally where he might make the announcement that he has signed with the newly launched promotion.

Neville departed from the WWE last year after having a long hold out in order to be released by his contract after being frustrated. Since then, he has reinvented himself while working on the indies.

It’s worth noting that Jon Alba has teased there will be several talent debuts and talent announcements at this rally.

As a reminder, we’ll have coverage of this All Elite Wrestling rally later this afternoon where there could be more talent officially signed to contracts.