Fox Network Wants SmackDown To Be A Sports Oriented Program

A lot of people have been wondering how SmackDown moving to Fox Network will affect the WWE programming, and it appears that this change will result in the show moving towards a more sport-centric program.

According to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the Network is looking to build a sports block on their programming running from Thursday to Sunday, especially during the Football season.

The NFL is expected to fill the spots on Thursday and Sunday and Fox Officials are looking for the Blue Branded Show to fill a similar role on Friday nights:

“Regarding FOX, because wrestling is being positioned as part of the sports block, a Thursday through Sunday thing FOX is looking at starting in 2019, especially during football season, FOX wants the SmackDown show to be less comedy and more in a sports direction.”

As it has been reported previously, they are also looking at having their sports personalities on different shows heavily promote SmackDown. So they want something athletically-oriented to promote.

These reports are in line with the previous word which claimed that the Network is looking to move into a more sports-centered direction in the upcoming times.

SmackDown Live will move to Fox Network from Friday, Oct. 18th, 2019.

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