Further Details On Alexa Bliss’ In-Ring Return

Alexa Bliss
(Photo Credit: WWE.com)

We recently provided an update on Alexa Bliss’ medical condition, highlighting contradicting reports that denied her being medically cleared.

Further details have since emerged regarding Bliss’ journey back to the ring. Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com speculated on a projected timeframe and what her training regime currently looks like.

“What I heard about Alexa Bliss is she will probably remain out until Royal Rumble. Watch her wrestle next week on RAW,” he added, sarcastically, “[…] anyway, that’s what I was told.”

Regarding the actual physicality of her training, Alvarez commented on the set up at the WWE Performance Center. He stressed that the facility has a number of rings, including one that is, essentially, a giant crash pad.

“So when you hear that Alexa Bliss is taking light bumps and that sort of thing, she’s not even bumping in a real ring right now.”

“[…] as of last week,” he continued, “she was taking bumps on the crash pad and they were making sure she could bump on a crash pad without I guess ending up with vertigo.”

The WWE has taken giant strides over the years in how they analyse and monitor injuries and concussions. It’s reassuring to know that Bliss won’t be back before she’s 100% ready.