Gail Kim Calls WWE Management “Racist”

Gail Kim
Gail Kim

Several wrestling personalities have given their thoughts on WWE recently. Impact Wrestling producer, Gail Kim, is no different. Last night, Kim said the reason WWE isn’t concerned about bringing back Hulk Hogan after having made racist remarks is that they are racist themselves.

She would later respond to someone who refuted the WWE is racist claim:

Kim then took a shot at a media outlet for misconstruing her remarks, leading this media outlet to be a little nervous about posting this article now:

It seems as though the outlet misconstrued Gail Kim’s comments. She was saying WWE is racist and therefore don’t mind that Hogan made racist comments not that WWE is racist as a result of having brought back Hogan after he made racist comments.

Gail Kim – Impact Wrestling

The Knockouts Division in Impact Wrestling is arguably the most talked about division in the company at the moment. Tessa Blanchard’s Knockouts title reign has drawn significant interest from fans. While controversial, the Allie/Su Yung/Kiera Hogan program has been praised by fans who enjoy that newly developing style of sports entertainment.

A controversial finish to the Bound For Glory rematch between Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie this week will likely lead to a third match somewhere down the road.