Gail Kim Comments On The Tessa Blanchard Controversy

Gail Kim recently commented on the Tessa Blanchard controversy.

Gail Kim Tessa Blanchard

Gail Kim recently spoke to PW Insider regarding the recent controversy surrounding Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard. The weekend of Impact’s Hard to Kill PPV, several female wrestlers accused Blanchard of using a racial slur and bullying wrestlers backstage.

“It was pretty stressful in the sense I didn’t like the angst of all these women fighting, or I don’t know what the term is, but it weighed heavily on my heart in a way. When that happened, we went to a pay-per-view and it wasn’t even 24 hours,” Kim said to PW Insider. “I went to speak to Tessa. Those details are private between her and I and are no one’s business. I based my decision of support at the pay-per-view and showing that support based on her time in the company. In the three years that she started with Impact wrestling, I’ve never seen any signs of any of that, of the undertones of bullying or racism. That’s where I made my decision of what I did and what I showed.”

Gail Kim Says Tessa Blanchard Has The Support Of The Impact Lockerroom

Kim would continue to say that she hasn’t seen any attitude problems from Blanchard in the entire time she has been with the company. Blanchard signed with Impact in April of 2018 as a 22-year-old and became the promotion’s youngest ever world champion when she won the title at 24.

“Any wrestler would tell you this, if someone was so crappy and such a terrible attitude and terrible person, do you think we would support that person? We would probably let that person bury themselves. She has the support of the locker room for a reason,” Kim continued.

“I didn’t see any attitude problems, that’s the thing. I don’t know what that reasoning is. I’ve never even heard anybody say in the locker room in the last three years that she had an attitude problem,” Kim would later add.

Tommy Dreamer Comments On Tessa Blanchard Controversy

On Busted Open Radio, Tommy Dreamer also commented on the situation and his relationship with Tessa Blanchard.

“I would state that I have a great relationship with (Tessa), I also have a great relationship with a lot of the other women that were talking about her. I was not there, I do know that there was a very very physical confrontation between her and this other wrestler and that led to I mean a physical brawl. Sometimes in the heat of battle you say things that you regret. I know that Tessa used to date a famous wrestler who’s in WWE that is African American. I know Tessa is currently engaged to Daga who is Mexican, I do not feel that Tessa Blanchard is racist.”