Gail Kim: Impact Is Superior To Vince McMahon’s Sh*tty Booking

Gail Kim
Gail Kim

Gail Kim believes Impact’s television product is superior to WWE’s and chalks that up to Vince McMahon’s sub-par booking.

Late Tuesday night, the Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer admitted she had a few drinks before throwing shade at WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his “shitty” booking. Apparently there will be more to come later today from the former Knockouts champion.

A fan responded to Gail Kim’s tweet and disagreed with her. She replied, “You obviously haven’t watched lately. We kill them in creative.”

As you can imagine, her claim that Impact is superior to WWE was a controversial take and led to a mixed reaction from her followers. She deemed the people who disagreed with her opinion “trolls” and promised to always speak her mind, no matter how unpopular her opinions may be.

We’ll provide an update if Gail Kim does in fact elaborate on Vince McMahon’s sub-par booking, as she said she would.

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