Gallows & Anderson Turn Down Big Money WWE Offers (Report)

The Good Brothers have reportedly turned down big money deals to stay with WWE

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson
Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

While AJ Styles is most likely to re-sign with WWE when his current contract expires, it appears that the other members of the Club are not in the same mood.

Both Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have their contract expiring in September this year, and the former Champions have refused to sign new deals with the company according to PWinsider.

We noted before how WWE was worried about stars leaving the company. They were pursuing the wrestlers who had 2 years or less left in their current contract to sign longer deals.

Anderson and Gallows were obviously two of the stars which the Officials approached with new deals and the two parties had a number of meetings on the matter.

However, it appears that they didn’t agree to a new contract despite being offered a multi-million dollars deal, showing the level of their creative frustration with the company.

Gallows and Anderson made their WWE debut as a team during the April 11th episode of Monday Night Raw in 2016, a few months later of AJ Styles’ debut with the company.

While they were regulars on WWE programming during their pairing with Styles in the early days, since then the duo has only been used sporadically by the company with no significant goal in mind.

Doors for negotiations are obviously still open but as of now the Good Brothers are on their way out and they’ll probably be the hottest tag team once they hit the indie scenes.

The news of Gallows and Anderson’s possible departure is in contrast with Karl Anderson’s comments to Sam Roberts back in January.┬áDuring an appearance on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Anderson said he’d spend the rest his career with WWE if he could. “I asked the head of talent relations…I might just sign a lifetime contract, and Gallows said he’d like to sign a legends deal now,” he joked.