Gene Snitsky Recalls His Time In TNA Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky has reflected on his short time in TNA Wrestling back in 2014.

Former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky was, at one point, a part of TNA Wrestling. Recalling his time with the company back in 2014 during a recent interview with Hannibal TV, Snitsky divulged why he ultimately left the promotion. For him, it was a case of not being paid what he felt he was worth. 

“At the time, they said it was going to lead to something and that whole deal,” Snitsky explained. “That never really materialized because of the money aspect. I was like ‘Well, do I really want to do this and not get paid what I think I should get paid or just nip it in the bud?’ I’m not one of those guys who are just along for the ride. I think very highly for myself, I know I’m a good athlete, I know I have charisma.”

Gene Snitsky On Dixie Carter

When asked if he had any opportunities to engage and interact with Dixie Carter, Snitsky confessed he didn’t. He explained how he shot a few vignettes with her, but that was the extent of their interactions.

Snitsky noted how Carter would be present and ready for when they needed to shoot their segment and, once completed, she left, leaving no time or opportunity for any real face time between them. 

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.