Goldberg Discusses If He Ever Thought He’d End Up In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Former WWE Universal Champion and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg recently joined WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations, to talk about the recent announcement that he would be inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame class. During the interview Goldberg was asked if he ever thought that a former WCW product such as himself would ever be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“Hell no! Let’s be perfectly honest man. You asked me and I answered it. You lived right next to me for a long period of time. I think it’s a shock to a lot of people. I think that by Brock making them bring me back and by them giving me the opportunity I maybe showed a little bit of something worthy of an accolade of some sort.”

Booker then asked Goldberg how he felt after receiving the news about the honor, and he responded by saying that the only negative thing about the entire situation is that it makes him feel ‘mortal’:

“The only negative to it is that it kind of makes you feel mortal. That’s all. I don’t like there to ever be an end to anything. As long as I’ve got two feet and walk and kick and punch with my hands there is always a possibility that I’ll headbutt someone to sleep.”

Goldberg returned to WWE in November of 2016 to take on Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, and defeated “The Beast” with ease. He then went on to compete in the 2017 Royal Rumble match and eliminated Lesnar from the match quickly as well, however, he was subsequently eliminated himself by The Undertaker.

After defeating Kevin Owens for the Universal Title at Fastlane a month later, Goldberg then defended the strap against Lesnar in one of the featured bouts at WrestleMania 33. It was a great return run for Goldberg in WWE but he feels as if he could’ve given more, but couldn’t as he was limited by ‘everything’:

“If you are given an opportunity you have to take it. I was limited with my repertoire because of… everything. Because of storyline or whatever it may be. I would have loved to have given more. The Goldberg and the “two move” crap, I am so sick of hearing that!”

As for his match with Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, Goldberg said that his body went into a bit of a shock weeks later as several parts of his body turned black:

“Being older, how did I feel afterwards? I think my groin turned black. The back of my right leg turned black I think like two weeks after Mania. I think my body was in shock. I was ready to go that night and I was waiting for Brock to hit me with like ten more suplexes. I was amped. If there was ever a time I realized a good formula it was that night. I was so relaxed.”

You can listen to Goldberg’s full interview with Booker T on Heated Conversations by clicking this link here.

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions

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