Goldberg Set For SmackDown Appearance Next Week

Goldberg will be coming to SmackDown before his Super Showdown clash with the Undertaker

Goldberg will be on SmackDown this week. Image credit:
Goldberg will be on SmackDown this week. Image credit:

WWE recently announced that the Undertaker will be returning to WWE Programming this week for an appearance on Raw and now they have confirmed the return of Goldberg too.

The company recently sent out a tweet and confirmed that for the first time ever the former Universal Champion will be making an appearance on SmackDown Live this Tuesday:

The officials announced a first time ever clash between the Dead Man and the former WCW Star a few weeks back and they have been promoting this bout on their programming ever since.

However, the company decided to do an old school build up for this match and so far we haven’t seen any interaction between these two stars.

And it appears that the Officials are continuing this strategy. While they have finally decided to bring these stars out, they are making sure the two are not under the same roof on the same night.

With Undertaker being on Raw and Goldberg being on SmackDown Live, the company will effectively keep them separate from each other and it seems that we’ll only see an interaction between the two this Friday Night during the Super Showdown event.

WWE Super Showdown will take place on Friday June 7th, from the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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