Goldust Claims He’ll Be At All In 2


Earlier this month (Sat. September 1, 2018) Cody and The Young Bucks did something amazing. They self-funded their very own “All In” professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) in Chicago, Illinois. Cody and The Bucks sold out the Sears Centre and put on one of the best professional wrestling shows of the year.

Many professional wrestling legends and veterans were in attendance for the event. One man who sadly wasn’t able to attend, however, is Cody’s brother and WWE Superstar Goldust. The longtime WWE veteran was interviewed on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast.

Goldust talked about not being able to attend his brother’s “awesome” event:

“Man, what an awesome night that was. I mean it was incredible. Me and Cody talked a couple of weeks before it and he wanted me to be there so, so bad and I wanted to be there more than anything. I was told by my office that I couldn’t go. It sucks. I wanted to be there more than anything.

“But to actually be on patrol in Williamson County (TX) and watching FITE TV on my phone and then on my iPad, and seeing the reactions and talking back and forth, because we had kind of a lackadaisical night [on patrol].

“To watch the build up and the matches and to finally get to that match and see my family there, my sisters, my mom. For him to win and to see the emotion on his face, it was real.”

He then discussed Cody winning the NWA World Title from Nick Aldis at the event. Goldust said the moment reminded him of when he and Cody won the Tag Team Titles together. He said you “can bet your ass” he’ll be at All In 2:

“It reminded me of when Cody and I won the tag team titles because it was a real thing. The storyline was so real with dad and the family against The Shield.

“It had all the elements you needed to draw a billion dollar house and he laid it out there and he hit a home run with it. I can not wait until “All In 2.” You can bet your ass I will be at that one.”

Do you think there will be an All In 2 next year?

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions