Goldust Explains Why AEW Is Good For WWE

The Bizarre One, Goldust

Dustin Rhodes, better known as Goldust in WWE, recently did an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about a wide range of topics including All Elite Wrestling, Cody’s involvement, and more.

AEW President Tony Khan will be head of the creative team while Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks will serve as Executive Vice Presidents. It’s been reported that Cody will focus on the men’s singles division, while Matt and Nick will take care of the tag teams.

During this interview, Goldust talked about how he thinks the competition from AEW will ultimately benefit WWE.

“They’re doing it really professionally, from the heads of the company to their big talent to the newer stars. I’m very curious to see what Cody and the Young Bucks can do with All Elite Wrestling. I hope this really takes storm and becomes something formidable. You need places to go and work, competition is great and it is the best thing that can happen for WWE.”

Goldust would continue by stating that he is very proud and happy for Cody. He would praise him for having a great mind for the business and doing so much already.

“He’s paid attention and learned from mistakes. He’s fought for what he has, and his work in AEW will show that.”