Goldust Heading Down To NXT, Stardust Teasing New Gear, Chris Jericho Hits Milestone

– It’s not uncommon these days for WWE talent who are on the main roster to visit NXT and it seems that if a new tweet from Goldust is anything to go by, that’s what’s happening.

It’s not clear whether or not he’s hinting that he’s going to appear on a TV taping, TakeOver or he’s just heading down to work with some of the new guys in Florida.

– Elsewhere in the WWE Universe, Stardust teased on Twitter yesterday (September 25th) that his tailor is hard at work and that new ring gear is on the way.

– Finally, Chris Jericho has posted a photo Instagram celebrating a massive milestone with regards to his podcast Talk Is Jericho where he interviews guests from the wrestling world, the music world and beyond.

In the 22 months the podcast has been active Jericho has recorded 180 episodes and has now confirmed that he has reached 100,000,000 downloads on PodcastOne.