Goldust Talks Cody’s Role With AEW, Advice He’s Given

Longtime WWE star Goldust recently talked to Kyle Stevens of Still Real To Us for a new interview where he discussed All Elite Wrestling, Cody’s involvement, and more.

AEW President Tony Khan will be head of the creative team while Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks will serve as Executive Vice Presidents. It’s been reported that Cody will focus on the men’s singles division, while Matt and Nick will take care of the tag teams.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion stated that he can’t wait to see what Cody does with it as he’s very proud and knows that their father is just grinning ear-to-ear to see what Cody did to get this chance. He believes that Cody has a lot of Dusty in him when it comes to business.

“He’s got just about the whole package. Let’s just put it like that. Cody has everything that dad has. He just has to grow a little more, and learn just a little bit more as far as the business is concerned.”

Goldust also talked the advice that he has for his younger brother, which is when he stated that he thinks Cody is going to come across some issues with things like booking and that not everyone is going to like him because he’s the booker. He thinks that if Cody can learn from Dusty’s mistakes with booking, then he’s going to be fine.

“The landscape of the pro wrestling industry has changed a lot. Let’s all make some money, let’s grow something and watch something take off. I think it will. You got some big people behind it. Tony Khan is a big dog.”