Grilling JR: Details On Jim Ross’ New Podcast With Conrad Thompson

Jim Ross Conrad Thompson
Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and podcast host extraordinaire Conrad Thompson have revealed new details about their podcast, Grilling JR.

Thompson appeared on this week’s Jim Ross Report podcast and revealed the new show will premiere as soon as next week.

“The show’s going to be called Grilling JR, and it’s going to be a fun trip down memory lane,” Thompson says.

Thompson also says that fans of his other podcasts, 83 Weeks, Something To Wrestle, and WHW can expect a similar show format.

“All of my shows sort of double down on nostalgia‚Ķ So we’re going to get in our wayback machine and talk a little UWF, a little Mid South, a little Crockett, a little WCW, and then all the years with the WWF,” says Thompson.

That is not to say that listeners should expect a retread of topics already covered on Thompson’s other shows.

Rather, says Thompson, JR’s unique wrestling journey will provide for a wealth of new ground to cover.

“It’s sort of the Something To Wrestle format, but nobody’s traveled the road that [JR] did,” Thompson says.

“I think it’ll be a phenomenal show.”

Ross says that he is excited to put a different spin on his podcasts, but to expect the show to continue dropping on Wednesdays, as the Jim Ross Report currently does.

“I think this is going to be a great, refreshing new show,” Ross says.

As to a timeline for Grilling JR’s debut, Ross says to expect it imminently.

“We hope to start next week, but it could be the week after,” says Ross.

You can get a preview of the new show on this week’s Jim Ross Report, which features Thompson as a guest. The full episode can be heard below:

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