Hangman Page Discusses If He Views AEW As Competition For WWE

Hangman Page
Adam "Hangman" Page (Photo credit: IssitaMarie)

All Elite Wrestling became official at the start of 2019. Since then, the company has wasted no time in capitalizing on people’s excitement, holding a fan event rally on January 8th. This was done to not only further promote All Elite Wrestling as a new promotion but also to hype their next event, Double Or Nothing.

The event rally also happened to take place mere miles away from that Tuesday’s SmackDown Live show, emanating from Jacksonville’s Veteran Memorial Arena.

The fact AEW’s rally occurred in the same area, so close to a WWE event, doesn’t suggest mere coincidence.

Speaking with members of the press once the rally concluded, Elite member, Hangman Page, was asked whether he views All Elite as competition for WWE.

“That’s not really something we’re focused on,” Page admitted. “We just want to be the absolute best as we can be. That’s all we’re really worried about.”

When asked about the AEW rally taking place in such close proximity to SmackDown, and what the companies intentions were for doing so, Page responded that “[sending a message has] never been our intention.”

“Our intention is to give the fans the best wrestling in the world, the best roster in the world and to have a company that listens to the fans and responds to the feedback,” he clarified. “I think all of our minds are set on that goal and that’s what we’re really looking forward to doing.”

It’s an exciting time in the world of pro wrestling, as new companies are born and others muster their rosters to try and provide engaging, entertaining alternatives to fans worldwide. Could AEW be the promotion that finally provides WWE with competition?