Harley Race Comments On Cody As NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Harley Race NWA
Harley Race NWA

The NWA 70th Anniversary is just minutes away from starting. Earlier this week, Harley Race spoke to Sports Illustrated in regards to the history of the title and Cody’s performance so far as champion.

“If Cody keeps on at it, he’ll continue going in the right direction,” Race said. The legendary wrestler would continue to say that he feels his longtime rival, and Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes would be proud of his son.

“Each and every person picks out his own spot, and that’s what Cody has went and done. He’s doing good. I’m sure Dusty would be very proud of him.”

Harley Race and the NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Race first won the title in 1973. He would trade the title back and forth with names such as Jack Brisco, Giant Baba, and Terry Funk. He is a 7x champion, second only to Ric Flair’s 9 runs with the belt. His 1,799 total combined days spent with the title is third only to Ric Flair and the record-holder Lou Thesz, who held the title for 3,749 days. Cody has held it for 48 days thus far.

“People that were watching me noticed I was the same from word go until I had to get out,” said Race. “I just tried to keep myself in that type of position all the way through my career. Once I made up my mind that this was what I was going to do, I decided I was going to do it damn well.”