Harold Meij Responds To Kenny Omega/NJPW Conflict Rumors

NJPW's Harold Meij has responded to reports regarding Kenny Omega's difficulty entering Japan.

Harold Meij Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega reportedly experienced difficulty entering Japan recently when he traveled to the country ahead of DDT’s Ultimate Party 2019 on November 3rd. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Omega has had difficulty entering the country ever since leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“When Kenny Omega went to Japan for the DDT show, he was stopped going into the country. It’s the third time this has happened since he left New Japan. Something happened where there was an attempt to get him banned from going to Japan for ten years,” wrote Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Newsletter.

NJPW President Harold Meij was recently interviewed for NJPW1972.com and stressed his company would have no ability to prevent Omega from entering the country. Below is a Google Translate (i.e it’s not perfect) version of Meij’s comments.

“There were some unbelievable rumors that New Japan Pro-Wrestling tried to prevent Kenny Omega from entering Japan, but there was no reason why a company could do that. I don’t want to do that.”

“It was a rumor spread from somebody’s speculation, but I mentioned that it was important to tell the fact by denying it once. Kenny Omega has made a great contribution to New Japan Pro Wrestling, and I wish him success.”

On the same day the report about him having trouble entering Japan was printed, Omega Tweeted the following:

Amazingly, this was all happening at the same time WWE’s roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia: