Has Nikki Cross Revealed Which Brand She Will Be On?

In a recent Instagram post, it appears as though Nikki Cross may have revealed which brand she will finally be able to call home going forward.

SaNITy has been seemingly disbanded with Eric Young’s move to Monday Night RAW. There is, however, one former member of the group that has been lost on the main roster for some time, long before the group’s breakup—Nikki Cross.

With WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up having taken place earlier in the week, many Superstars now have a different brand to call home. That includes a number of NXT Superstars who were called up months ago in December.

These NXT call-ups were utilized on both shows, appearing backstage and performing on both RAW and SmackDown for months before finally being signed a specific brand. Nikki Cross, however, is the only NXT call-up to still be unaffiliated.

Until now it seems, as it appears as though Cross can finally call Monday Night RAW her home going forward.

At the time of writing, the WWE website itself still lists Cross as having no official brand affiliation, but she has revealed her upcoming schedule via Instagram—a schedule that factors in working RAW Live Events that would see her in the vicinity of next Monday’s RAW in Des Moines, Iowa.

She has invited the WWE Universe to “come and play” as she will be appearing for the company on Friday in St. Louis, Saturday in Springfield, and Sunday in Moline.