The Miz Cuts Must-See Promo On Daniel Bryan On Talking Smack (Video)

The Miz delivered one of the best promos of the year on this week’s Talk Smack in a heated exchange with Daniel Bryan that saw the SmackDown General Manager storm off the set.

If you don’t have the WWE Network you are missing out on some awesome stuff after Smackdown. Each week after SmackDown goes off the air, Renee Young and Daniel Bryan host Talking Smack, a panel discussion that always produces interesting moments. Whether it is poking fun at the Universal Championship or Daniel Bryan agreeing with Ambrose’s assessment of Brock Lesnar being lazy. On this week’s episode, Nikki Bella was a guest and she was describing her long road to recovery from neck surgery. As she was discussing this, Carmella once again attacked her and the two brawled on the set. After the brawl, Daniel Bryan and Renee Young looked shocked.

The highlight of this week’s Talking Smack came when The Miz perhaps the best promo of his career on Daniel Bryan. SmackDown’s General Manager has made it known that he’s not a fan of The Miz’s in-ring work. Even though he’s the Intercontinental champion and won his match at SummerSlam, he thinks The Miz wrestles like a coward and is the personification of the “WWE style” wrestler. In response, The Miz absolutely went off on Bryan. Miz says Bryan is the coward for promising his fans he’d be back and then retiring. Bryan said he would love to wrestle again, but WWE won’t allow him to. Miz asked Bryan if he really loved wrestling and the fans so much,

”Why don’t you go quit and wrestle in Bingo Halls then?”

Bryan eventually stormed off and the show abruptly ended.

The Miz showed fire in this promo rarely seen from WWE Superstars delivering scripted monologues. Even if there are certain wrestlers who need to be scripted, this segment was damning evidence that the men and women who can speak should be left to their own devices.

Maryse, who was on set during the argument, tweeted about what happened: