Hernandez On If AEW Can Beat WWE To Become The #1 Wrestling Promotion

Former TNA star Hernandez opens up about his time in the company and more


AEW is the closest competition WWE has seen in the past 2 decades since the demise of WCW and people have their opinion on whether or not the upstart promotion can ever dethrone WWE and become the #1 wrestling company in the world.

During a recent interview with Súper Luchas, former TNA star Hernandez opened up about his time with the company now known as Impact Wrestling and he also talked about the new player in the game.

However, when asked if All Elite Wrestling can take over WWE in future, the former champion said that the Vince McMahon owned promotion will always be number one:

“WWE will always be number one worldwide, it’s not to say an AEW or another brand do extremely successful as a solid number two.”

Hernandez also talked about his early days in TNA and how Jim Cornette played an important role in getting him a push in the company.

However, he recalled how Cornette quit the company over creative differences when he was still in the middle of his push and this resulted in his run being halted by the company.

Apart from this, the former TNA star opened up about the company officials’ poor treatment of him when he injured his neck in 2009, being sent to work in Mexico and more. You can check out his full interview here.

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