Hideo Itami Returns To Pro Wrestling: NOAH Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night will see the long anticipated return to Pro Wrestling: NOAH for WWE 205 Live competitor Hideo Itami/KENTA.

We reported the new working agreement between WWE and NOAH a few months ago, this was around the NOAH Korakuen Hall show in June.

Hideo Itami in WWE

Itami has struggled to find his place in WWE. Expectations were high when he signed with the company in 2014 but injuries set him back and prevented him from moving up the card. He is now part of the 205 Live brand.

Rumors of Itami Going Back To Japan in 2017

Last summer there were rumors that Itami was going to go back to Japan full-time. The rumors started after Itami lost an NXT Championship match at Takeover: Chicago (the first one). Rumors were then that Itami had discussed giving up on WWE and going back to Japan. He then dispelled those rumors in the segment below which aired on NXT programming last summer.

Itami sent out a tweet hyping the match which you can see below, here’s a rough translation: “The best time to get distracted though. Finally tomorrow. Honestly, please call me like you want to call me. No good or bad sticking there at all. Anyway, it is the best one day. Let’s meet tomorrow.”