Hiromu Takahashi Talks Excursion to Mexico and Innovation in Wrestling

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi recently spoke to New Japan Pro Wrestling’s NewWorld magazine on a variety of topics, including his excursion to Mexico’s CMLL promotion, the moves that has ‘in his head’ that haven’t yet been performed in a ring and more.

When discussing his time in Mexico the ‘TIME BOMB’ stated that “It wasn’t Mexico that made the Hiromu Takahashi of today, so much has changed him back. The guy you see now is really me as a child. When I joined New Japan I felt a strong pressure to fit in. I felt like the need to behave like a Young Lion, like one of the group, even up to behaving like someone in their third year in the business. But going to Mexico reset that. It wasn’t about ‘fitting in’ but starting from zero. Not wrestling like a Young Lion buy going back to mentally mentally to wanting to become a wrestler in seventh grade and basing everything off that. Mexico was a chance to retake my childhood.

When asked about his moveset in the Juniors the IWGP Champion confirmed that “he hasn’t used about 60%” of the moves he has in his head, “from finishers to moves he can hit on heavyweights.

*Credit to Chris Charlton for the translation.