Hornswoggle Talks His Medical History and Portraying Vince McMahon’s Son

Hornswoggle took part in an interview with Chris Van Vliet recently.


Hornswoggle recently sat down with journalist Chris Van Vliet ahead of Gangrel Wrestling Asylum’s “Let it Ride” show from Dania Beach, Florida. The sold-out show featured names such as Scott Steiner, Jacob Fatu and of course, Hornswoggle.

Hornswoggle’s pro-wrestling career was never supposed to happen, however. He was told at an early age he would never play contact sports.

“With my medical history, it’s a lot scarier. I have a metal rod fused in my back and I was told no trampolines and no contact sports,” Hornswoggle said he was told at 4-years-old. “I somehow said f**k you to that mindset and said I’m going to be a professional wrestler.”

Hornswoggle needed the rod to straighten out his back and the first surgery he received did not go well. Subsequent surgeries were needed to correct the first surgery.

Hornswoggle On Finding Out He Was Going To Be Vince McMahon’s Son

“I found out that day at 4 PM,” he said in regards to the day he found out he’d be portraying Vince McMahon’s son. “Bruce Pritchard comes up to me and goes ‘give me your cell phone.'”

Hornswoggle then said that Pritchard took his phone, put it in his pocket and said “You’re Vince’s son, we need to sneak you under the ring, no one can know.”

He then hid under the ring for several hours before the segment.

The full interview can be viewed in the player below: