House Of Hardcore 9 Results (7/18/2015): Toronto, Ontario Canada

House of Hardcore
Toronto, Ontario at Ted Reeve Arena
Report by Jerome Slamsville (@JSlamsville) and

Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts worked as this show’s ring announcer.

1. Chris Hero beat Tommy Dreamer. Hero won in seven minutes with the roaring elbow.

2. Bobby Roode defeated Pepper Parks (w/Cherry Bomb). Parks got major heat by doing lots of heel/valet antics. Roode came back with a wicked blockbuster. Parks hit a Codebreaker soon after.

3. Matt Striker, Hacker Scotty O’Shea, Bill Carr, and Dan Berry beat RJ City, Ethan Page, Vic Delicious, and Ben Ortiz.

4. Johnny Mundo beat Tony Nese. Good near falls. Nese kicked out of the Moonlight Drive. There were a few Matrix spots from both. Nese missed a 450, then Mundo hit the Moonlight Drive for the win. The shook hands and received standing applause.

5. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian beat Matt Taven and Michael Bennett (w/Maria). There were lots of cheers for Maria. With the heat (no air conditioning in the building) and the fast paced match before this one, the live crowd seemed a little tired. The match was fun and fast paced with a lot of double team moves. The ref stopped caring about the tag rules. There was four-man action for 15 minutes with lots of awesome double team moves. After a ref bump, Maria brought Bennett a title belt to cheat. Traci Brooks ran in to intervene. The Addiction hit their finisher for the win.

After the match, Kazarian put his wife Traci over and then cut to a Traci Brooks appreciation video that was lovely. Scott D’Amore came out and gave Traci flowers heading into intermission.

After some stalling while one of the ropes was fixed, Rhino came out. Austin Aries answered his challenge.

6. Austin Aries defeated Rhino. Thea Trinidad interfered on behalf of Aries and ate a Gore for her trouble. Aries hit a few big strikes and followed with a 450 splash for the win in eight minutes.

7. Team 3D defeated The Young Bucks. after the show, Team 3D put over the Bucks and HOH on the mic to send everyone home happy.