How Many Millions Dixie Carter Wants For Her Share Of TNA

TNA president Billy Corgan has openly stated that he wants to purchase the company, but one person in his way is Dixie Carter. TNA’s shareholders currently consist of Carter, Corgan, and Aroluxe Productions. The latter two shareholders got their stakes by providing emergency funding for tapings and a pay-per-view. Without their funding, the shows wouldn’t have happened and TNA could have gone under. The cost for TNA to run a set of tapings falls in the ballpark of three quarters of a million dollars.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dixie Carter wants at least $4 million for her share of the company. Aroluxe tried putting together a deal to buy out the company this summer, but they weren’t able to raise the funds.

Corgan indicated in a recent Facebook live chat that he plans to take full control of the company and use his celebrity status to build better relationships with advertisers. One of the issues TNA currently faces is a lack of advertising revenue.

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