How WWE Feels About Paige As SDL GM So Far

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige announced her retirement from WWE in-ring competition earlier this year. The following night she was then introduced as the SmackDown Live General Manager, after former GM Daniel Bryan resigned to return to full-time in-ring competition.

Bryan was out-of-action for several years due to a medical suspension of his own, but was finally cleared to return to the ring. After his departure as General Manager, SmackDown Live needed a new boss – and Paige happily stepped in.

Paige has been doing a solid job as SmackDown General Manager lately, but how does the WWE feel about her performance? According to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the WWE is “extremely happy” with Paige as General Manager.

Also, it was noted that with the upcoming movie based on her family coming out around WrestleMania season next year, Paige will likely be getting a lot more screen time to help promote the film.

Discussion: How do you feel about Paige’s performance as SmackDown Live General Manager? Will you be checking out the film on her family next year?