Hulk Hogan Gives His Opinion On Bray Wyatt, Talks About Regrets In His Career

The following are highlights of a new Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with Hulk Hogan:

On what he would change in his career: “As far as wrestling goes, I would have changed one thing, and I really wasn’t thinking. My whole gimmick was ‘The Largest Arms in the World.’ I was the first guy to have the big arms, I mean Billy Graham had it but my arms were bigger, I was way over 300lbs, and I had the largest arms in the world. So, why do the leg drop? Why land on your tailbone for 35 years and have nine back surgeries? When if you’re working the gimmick brother and you’ve got the largest arms in the world wouldn’t you use the sleeper?”

On Bray Wyatt: “He fits in that grey area, and I’m gonna put myself over, that I started when I turned bad guy, Hollywood Hogan and people cheered me. It just showed the fans, whether you’re good guy or bad guy, they’re gonna cheer who they love and like to watch perform and I think he kinda broke down that barrier again. At first I was like ‘Oh man what is this guy doing,’ and then I started watching him and with the mind games and the rap and basically how good he was in the ring. I remember one pay-per-view he wrestled Daniel Bryan in the opening match, was like a year or so ago, nobody could follow that match. It was the first match of the pay-per-view and they tore it down. Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. And I said this guy’s gonna be red-hot.”

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