Hulk Hogan Says The nWo Would ‘Murder’ The Shield

nWo founders Kevin Nash, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall

On October 27th the New World Order will reform at Mango’s Tropical Cafe in Orlando. Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall will take part in a Q&A and reunion event. Hogan has been making the media rounds lately to promote the event.

When he was asked how the original 3 NWO members would fare against the Shield, Hogan didn’t mince words. Hogan declared, “We would murder the bums, brother!”

Watch: Hulk Hogan says nWo would “murder” The Shield

Hulk Hogan On NWO Reunion

“I use to wrestle with Roman Reigns’ Dad,” Hogan continued. “You’ve seen pictures of me holding Roman Reigns as a baby, c’mon. We taught them almost everything we know!”

Hogan would continue to say their reunion event will begin with a 3-hour Q&A session before moving into pictures and autographs.

Speculation of a possible NWO reunion began earlier this summer. Fans attempting to visit Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop noted it was closed and Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hogan were all seen inside wearing NWO gear.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash “invaded” WCW in 1996 as “the Outsiders.” At first, the angle was meant to appear as though WWF talent were invading WCW. Hogan would join the Outsiders at Bash at the Beach that summer. He would win the WCW World Championship from the Giant shortly after and re-christen it the NWO World Title.