ICW Show Heading To BBC Scotland

Insane Championship Wrestling has announced a new 3 part series that will be shown on BBC Scotland. ‘Rogue to Wrestler’ will feature eight ‘wannabe’ wrestlers competing to see if they have what it takes to enter the squared circle.

In a recent press release the BBC have stated that “Insane Championship Wrestling founder Mark Dallas and professional fighters Adrian McCallum (aka Lionheart) and Lee Greig (who wrestles under the name of Jack Jester) take no prisoners as they start the elimination process. There’s a lot at stake – the winner will have the chance to become the next big star of the Scottish wrestling scene. Each one of the contenders has experienced life on the wrong side of the tracks, but there’s no room for sob stories when they hit the gym.”

ICW recently held their Square Go! event in Scotland. The Royal Rumble style event saw a surprise appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. Rudo Lightning eventually won the 30 man rumble bout. Rudo entered the Royal Rumble styled match at number two. Along with Liam Thomson, who entered in the first spot, lasted over an hour. Some high profile competitors in the bout included NXT UK Superstar Wolfgang and a returning former ICW World Champion, ‘Just Justice’ Jackie Polo. Rudo eliminated Joe Hendry last to win the bout.

The series begins on Tuesday March 26th.